Barry’s Bootcamp launched in the US, quickly gathered a troop of loyal followers and now the global expansion has started Dubai is the latest city to get its Barry’s fix. This high intensity class combines a mixture of interval based Treadmill running and floor work that targets a specific muscle group depending on which class you book. The music is loud, the class is fast paced, your instructor is high energy and the vibe is infectious. Don’t cringe about the fact you just high-fived your instructor as you walked into the dark-red, lit room— that’s so ‘Barry’s’ and this atmosphere creates the perfect environment for you to push yourself to the max.

The format is simple... You will spend approximately 12 minutes on the Treadmill performing a series of choreographed intervals, then switch to the floor and perform 12 minutes of strength movements; such as squats, crunches and D.B rows. Repeat this twice and before you know it you’re cooling down and hitting the post workout shake bar, which is a welcomed end to a highly productive class.

CP Tip: You don’t have time to think, just move.