This 'deep freeze' treatment favoured by celebrities and athletes is the practice of exposing the body to extreme temperatures as low as 160C, to provoke a process of immune-system stimulation and muscle regeneration. Cryotherapy (literally; treatment using low temperature) uses liquid nitrogen to improve and treat a wide variety of ailments including stress, depression, superficial benign lesions and skin conditions like psoriasis. As well as easing the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and multiple sclerosis, it can also boost immune response, heal nerve damage, ease chronic pain and improve sporting performance. Whole body Cryotherapy is a method of three-minute skin exposure to temperatures below 140C and facials use pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours that increase the production of collagen promising a smoother, more toned appearance while helping reduce fine lines. Local Cryotherapy offers a more intense treatment for a specified area and can be used to alleviate pain from injuries, as well as cellulite reduction. We’ve done it and we liked it.