It can be a mission to simply get from one end to the other in the world's largest mall. But touch screen maps and golf buggies are at hand for the weak and weary. From Valentino to Topshop, homewear, jewellery, rug shops and sweet shops, a gargantuan selection of cafés and restaurants including fast-food courts, an ice rink, Dubai Aquarium, Reel Cinemas (the largest cinema in the region, with 22 screens) and Kidzania (an 'edutainment' centre where children can lead the lives of grown-ups, choosing from over 80 different roles including chefs, surgeons, photographers and television hosts). There is also an entertainment centre with five zones for all ages at the first SEGA Republic indoor theme park in the region, with over 250 amusement games and attractions. And don't forget to look out for the Dinosaur (a 155 million year old Amphicoelias Brontodiplodocus skeleton) standing 25ft high and 85ft long.