Beginning its story at the Mayfair hotel, London, in 1974 and eventually outgrowing the location and relocating to NYC, Le Cirque has paved the way for many talented Chefs; some of which include Daniel Boulud, Alain Sailhac, Jacques Torres and Terrance Brennan.

The restaurant in the Ritz Carlton, DIFC, is more subdued than its gregarious (16,000 square-foot), circus themed counterpart, founded by Sirio Maccioni and designed by Adam Tihany and Costas Kondylis, yet the French cuisine with Italian influence is still held to the standard of the matriarchal institution. The modern interior sets the tone for classic and timeless dishes which support an old culinary French experience and the team bring just the right amount of fine dining professionalism and personality to facilitate a feast for the senses, minus pretence.

Of course they have Gillardeau oysters, but the escargots (à la Bourguignonne) are some of the best we have tasted and if you are planning on dessert, it would be positively rude not to try the all singing and dancing Crepe Suzette.

CP Tip: Indecisive diners can be assured that the restaurant manager will guide them in the right direction and enhance the experience with well-suited pairings that will leave you hankering to return and explore the rest of the menu.