Your favourite Caribbean beach shack/ down and dirty dancehall, hailing straight from New York, administering a hit of authenticity and raw quality to Dubai’s bar and restaurant scene. The brainchild of founders Paul Salmon and Binn and Genc Jakupi, who can name-drop Rockhouse Hotel, Bungalow 8, 1Oak and The Box on their project list and designer Serge Becker, whose portfolio includes La Esquina, Lure Fishbar and Cafe Select. Expect casual dining surrounded by primary colours, metal drums and vinyl, with smoking and non-smoking booths and benches, a bar and small lounge area. Drawing from Jamaican cuisine and incorporating a diverse mix of delicacies like escovitch fish, oxtail, jerk chicken and curried goat. Cocktails incorporate Island favourites and the atmosphere and team are oh so NYC it hurts.

CP Tip: You get turfed off your table with a one hour 30 minutes curfew, which can leave you a little frustrated, but the infectious party vibe and killer tunes help sweeten that sour and still leave you wanting more.