Designed by architect Michele Bonan, the Art-deco inspired restaurant hits every note while intricately showcasing Shanghai glamour and the city's rich heritage. The bougainvillea and bamboo detailed terrace makes the Bulldozer Group’s latest success story an infallible spot for afternoon or evening drinks and authentic food.

With a secluded dining room for private groups, this vibrant space is meticulously styled and complimented by the culinary traditions of East Asia. Shanghai's name, translating to “a city on the sea” and its 1930’s history, which is prominent throughout the venue, draws parallels of current Dubai’s fast-pace, industry ties and multicultural atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a carefully curated selection of dishes including classics such as Cantonese Roast Duck, Szechuan Style Prawns, alongside signature Dim Sum, Bao Buns, Sushi and Sashimi. It’s prominent location in DIFC also inspires a well-honed set lunch menu.