This ramen joint is a modern café catering to the D3 creative crowd and swiftly serving up some of the best casual Japanese food in town...


This petite venue located over three floors, makes for an interesting setting and can hold its own amongst the DIFC's big hitters...


There's not much to say about this Japanese hub of culinary brilliance, other than all the positive feedback that you have heard about it is true.
Rang Mahal.jpg

Rang Mahal

A hue of red and amber, this contemporary restaurant is spearheaded by Atul Kochhar of London's Benares, one of the first Indian chefs to receive a Michelin star for his native cuisine...

China Sea

This gem has been going for over a decade and is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in the city. Don't expect Molton Brown washroom products.

Calicut Paragon

Is it Calicut Paragon, or just simply the later, we're really not sure… Either way this staple South Indian restaurant produces good, inexpensive food and is held dear by many.
Din tai fung.jpg

Din Tai Fung

Famous for its signature dumplings and simple cooking style, this renowned restaurant serves some of the most authentic Taiwanese food you'll find in the city...


A legendary Dubai institution loved by all, from cabbies to C.E.O.s. This bonafide Pakistani eatery serves hot tandoori roti, lassi, dal, scrumptious meat grills and mouth-watering curries...


This unassuming eatery is a diamond in the rough. Revered amongst many of Dubai's East Asian expats in search of classic cuisine. The menu consists of Japanese, Thai and Korean dishes...

Pai Thai

Pull up to the enchanting entrance of golden horses and giant palatial fountains. Make your way through the hotel and down to the restaurant via boat, buggy or foot...


Still going strong, Asha's combines North West Indian cuisine with an innovative twist, red and amber hues, and a relaxed open-air terrace...
china club.jpg

The China Club

What this old favourite may lack in atmosphere it makes up for in good food; a generous mix of authentic Cantonese, Peking and Szechuan cuisine, along with a charming team...
Long Yin.jpg

Long Yin

Cantonese and Szechwan cuisine, with outdoor seating available. The Friday dim sum is some of the best in the city.


A hidden gem in the Méridien Village, with traditional décor and hand carved wooden interiors. Your experience is enriched by thoughtful touches...

Yamanote Atelier

Dubai's first Japanese bakery, perfect for a tea/coffee catch-up over outstanding pastries...