Wild & The Moon

Using plant-based, local, seasonal and ethically sourced ingredients, this is a no additive, no GMO, no gluten, dairy or refined sugar, no messin’ joint; with two recently opened branches in Paris and more set to roll-out...
Flamingo Room

Flamingo Room by Tasha's

Situated next to Jumeriah Al Naseem's Turtle Lagoon, this salmon pink paradise is one of the city's most beautifully designed restaurants...

Comptoir 102

Acquainting Jumeirah with Parisian bohemian chic, this peaceful environment and 'Yummy Mummy' hangout focuses on interior design, fashion accessories and food...

Folly by Nick & Scott

Tucked among the heaving stalls of Souk Madinat is a magical location, a restaurant that has most angles covered; spot an area you like and inevitably stumble across another.


A family owned restaurant in Bur Dubai with only nine tables. Born 2007, this little diamond in the rough serves truly authentic Indonesian food and boasts a loyal following.

Calicut Paragon

Is it Calicut Paragon, or just simply the later, we're really not sure… Either way this staple South Indian restaurant produces good, inexpensive food and is held dear by many.


Walk down the promenade and enjoy exceptional views of Dubai's most iconic building, Burj Al Arab and the surrounding Gulf...

Boston Lane

Housed within The Collective by Ripe, this busy café hosts Mum’s and Dad’s with their mini-mes, Arab hipsters and studious entrepreneurs, all heading for a cup of coffee and a signature 'Toasty' (aged cheddar and garlic, cheese and Marmite and Bolognaise are the options available).
The Brass

The Brass

This beautifully designed cafe is a relaxed spot where you can pull up a pew and indulge in a choice brew...

The Farm

A tranquil haven set in Al Barari, the city's first eco-conscious development landscape...
KARAK HOUSE Rehash pistachio basbousa 2.jpg

Karak House

A good amalgamation of modern mixed with traditional Arabic and Indian food.


This café hailing from South Africa has an energetic and warm atmosphere, with an extensive international menu...

Drift Beach

Luxury beach-chic, this seaside destination is frequented by young, Fendi-clad locals and those who enjoy the luxury of lounging amongst plush surrounds and super-comfy cabanas (well who doesn't?).
La Mer.jpg

La Mer

La Mer is a beachside destination full of family fun, allowing visitors to Dine, Shop and Do...

XVA Gallery

One of the first contemporary galleries in the UAE, XVA Gallery was established in 2003, specialising in art from the Arab world, Iran and Subcontinent...


Since 2008, Tashkeel has been Dubai's corner stone for the local artist community, facilitating and encouraging professional art and design.