Technically falling within Fujairah, this 129 square kilometre expanse is the richest natural environment in the UAE and the first mountain habitat to be declared a protected zone. Bedouins lived in Wadi Wurayah for 2,000 years, with the last communities vacating in the early 80s. The area is home to the Arabian Tahr (an extremely rare species of mountain goat found in only three places in the world) as well as endangered species of flora and fauna, including the Epipactis veratrifolia (an orchid variety unique to the UAE). Wildlife native to the region includes the caracal lynx, Arabian leopards, spotted eagle owl, blue-tailed lizard, humpbacked fly and the Garra barreimiae (a fish only found in the Wadi). With clear blue pools, remnants of Bedouin settlements and heritage monuments, not forgetting the Al Wurayah waterfalls, this is definitely a must.