Some of the most authentic Afghan and Shinwari food you will taste in the city. Open until midnight, Wakha use natural spices, black peper, salt and lamb fat or fresh butter to cook their meat. Most dishes are cooked from scratch to order, so be prepared to wait, you won't be disappointed.

Shinwari cuisine is renowned for butchering and distinctively the meat is charcoal grilled or cooked with no spices but salt, in the lamb’s own fat. Try the signature Shinwari Dum Pukht; the meat is flavourful and tender, slow-cooked on a low flame in its juices and bone marrow. The kebabs (particularly chapli kebab) are a must, as well as the classic Afghan Kabuli pulao; consisting of tender meat domed under rice mixed with raisins, lentils and thinly sliced carrots and the Mantou is an interesting meat-stuffed dumpling topped with yogurt, taking its cues from Chinese and Central Asian cuisine.

CP Tip: Head to Wakha in Al Barsha, the restaurant's first and original location. There is also a branch in Al Nahda, with their Jumeirah branch being slightly up-priced and somewhat not as authentic.